About Judy Wardrope of JW Equine

Judy Wardrope, drawn to and interested in horses her entire life, has spent nearly 30 years amassing research on the pedigrees of top performance horses in both sport and racing as well as analyzing the functional aspects of equine conformation.

She applied the findings from her research to her own sport horse breeding program, producing champions in dressage and the hunter ring as well as winners in show jumping and eventing. The results spoke for themselves and she was asked to do research for, and consult with, trainers, riders and other breeders at both the national and international level. She has assisted in the selection of stallions for breeding programs in Canada, South Africa and Thailand. Two became the leading sires in their respective countries, and one weanling filly, a $1700 purchase, was champion of her division at 2 and 3 before being sold to Australia as a broodmare.

Judy was also a valued member of an advisory board to the Animal Industry Division of Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada.

For more than two decades, Judy has been a respected equine journalist, satisfying a growing demand for informative articles on both sport horses and racehorses. Her work appears in more than twenty equine publications internationally. She is a current member of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists, a former member of the National Turf Writers Association and was nominated for the 2006 Equine Vision award through American Horse Publications.

Judy has studied the pedigrees plus photographed and analyzed the conformation of top horses, in both sport and thoroughbred racing, to determine the impact on performance and is now sharing her knowledge through a series of informative and entertaining clinics, seminars and workshops. Of these, Improving Your Eye for Functional Conformation (Thoroughbred and/or Sporthorse) and Pedigree Patterns in Sport Horses are the most frequently requested.

She has expanded her writing and editing to include sales copy, promotional materials, books and non-equine subjects. You can also check out Quite Write.

Find out about her 10 Conformation Myths book and the Learning by Example series.

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