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Functional Conformation


Relatively Speaking: Argentinius
JW Equine analyzes the conformation of three horses who have pedigrees featuring Argentinus: Arko III, Quantum Tyme, and Special Ed. Horse Sport, March 2006

The Mystery of the Hunters Bump
Horse Sport, October 2005

Introduction to Learning By Example: Book 1
Introduction to JW Equine's e-book, Learning By Example: Book 1.

Points of Conformation
An equine skeletal diagram showing points important to functional conformation.

Pony Conformation
Horse Sport, December 2006


Built to do the Job: Dressage
Quantum Tyme, Salinero, Lipizzan conformation.
The Canadian Horse Journal, July/August 2005

Conformation 101: What to look for in a dressage horse
Horse Sport, September 2005

Hunters & Jumpers

Built to do the Job: Show Jumping
Libertina, Cocu. Photo series showing phases of a jump.
The Canadian Horse Journal
, Sept/Oct 2005

Conformation 101: What to look for in a jumper
Horse Sport, August 2005

Hunter Or Jumper?
Horse Sport, June 2006

Jumpers: What do you look for?
USEF Equestrian, May 2004

Thoroughbred Racing

It's A Matter of Physics: An Introduction to the Functional Aspects of Conformation
Photos of Indian Charlie, Apollo, Surachai, Richter Scale, Snow Chief, Tiznow, Flying Continental, Free House, Bertrando, Beau's Eagle, Officer. California Thoroughbred, August 2004


Conformation-Eventert Conformation for an Eventer
Livingstone, Winsome Adante. Horse Sport, July 2006

Conformation: Eventing
Livingstone, Winsome Adante, with cross-country jumping comparison in photos.
Eventing USA, Issue Six, 2005

Barrel Racing

Built to do the Job: Barrel Horse Sires
Doc's Paradise, On The Money Red, Fire Water Flit, Sun Frost.
The Canadian Horse Journal
, May/June 2005

Other Articles

Riding Here, There & Everywhere
Riding vacations. Equestrian, February 2004