Back from Virginia

The Connemara seminar and hands-on session with ponies in Virginia went well. I’m told that the feedback has all been glowingly positive, which is a good thing :-)

I must express my appreciation to the ACPS as they have been very supportive of my work over the years. Thanks!

As to the future, I’m currently trying to see if there is any horse work on my way south for the winter, and will keep the readers of this blog posted as things develop.

For folks in the interior of BC or the lower mainland, Pacific Northwest and/or within reach of the I-5 or I-15 corridors, I should be heading west from Alberta and then south at the end of October (Canada) or beginning of November (USA).

I will be available for organized functional conformation clinics (general, breed-specific or discipline-specific) as well as private consultations along either route. Let me know if you would like a slot in the schedule.

Hope to see you along the way!

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