Books by Judy Wardrope

Equine Pedigree Index: 2012 Olympics
This reference guide was created from the 30 ancestors found in the 4-generation pedigrees of each of the 199 competitors at the 2012 Olympic Games. Read more »

Ten Conformation Myths
Do equine athletes actually conform to the usual ‘rules of thumb’ given for equine conformation? This book looks at ten common conformation myths and compares them to photos of top equine athletes in all disciplines. The results may surprise you. Read more »

Learning By Example Series

Book 1: Analyzing Functional Conformation of the Thoroughbred Racehorse
This is the e-book that belongs in the library of every serious horse person – the culmination of years of study, observation and data collection by renowned functional conformation expert, Judy Wardrope. Read more »

Book 2: Analyzing Functional Conformation for the Olympic Disciplines
Analyzing Functional Conformation for the Olympic Disciplines is a comprehensive, 445 page, book covering each of the three Olympic equestrian disciplines – dressage, eventing and show jumping – in great detail. It includes over 600 photographs from Wardrope’s extensive collection to illustrate the concepts of functional conformation. There is also a short section covering show hunters. Read more »

Book 3: Analyzing Functional Conformation for the Western Disciplines
This book focuses on horses used in the various Western disciplines, specifically Reining, Cutting and Barrel Racing and includes information about Working Cow Horses, Ropers and Steer Wrestling mounts.

“This is such an exceptional book that I cannot begin to explain the excitement I feel towards this concept of conformation that Judy Wardrope presents. At this moment this concept might be above the way you have been taught to think. However, if you will persevere in this thought and truly make this a life time study, you will make great strides in training and riding horses that are built to do their job,” said Lynn McKenzie, two-time World Champion barrel racer, two-time NFR winner and a respected clinician.

“Although my personal interest is in dressage, I was utterly captivated by this book from the moment I first opened the cover,” said Ceci Flanagan-Snow, a published equine photographer and writer. “It is well written and illustrated with hundreds of relevant photographs making the concepts easy to understand and remember. I hope that this book, and its siblings, accomplishes Wardrope’s goals of improving the wellbeing and longevity of competition horses through helping horse people to understand and implement the principles of functional conformation in their breeding, purchasing, training and exhibiting programs.”

250 pages and more than 420 photos. Check it out!

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