Equine Pedigree Index: 2012 Olympics

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This reference guide was created from the 30 ancestors found in the 4-generation pedigrees of each of the 199 competitors at the 2012 Olympic Games. It should be noted that a few of those pedigrees were not entirely complete due to unknown or unrecorded heritage at some level, but there is, at the very least, some pedigree information from each and every horse. Accuracy was most certainly the goal, but that is very difficult to guarantee.

The ancestors are listed on the left, followed by the descendants in alphabetical order, and the disciplines of the competitors are identified as (D) for dressage, (E) for eventing and (J) for jumping. If an ancestor and descendant appear twice, it simply shows the linebreeding in that competitor’s lineage to that particular ancestor. A glossary of registry abbreviations appears on the last page.

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USEA Review:
About Judy’s Books:
Judy’s latest publication, Index to the Ancestors of Horses at the 2012 Olympics, is an excellent reference guide to pedigrees and relations. Not only is the sheer volume of details and cross-references impressive, but readers can easily decipher which are the most influential lines and be introduced to others. In all disciplines, Cor de la Bryere has a clear, incomparable impact. Two generations of Furioso made their mark both on the flat and over fences. How much do you know about Ladykiller or Ramiro? And who else is related to The Last Orange?
This index can be used not only to compare your own horse’s pedigree to those of the horses that competed in the Olympics—because let’s face it, who would not want to point out in casual conversation that their horse is related to an Olympic medalist—use it also to expand your own knowledge of worldwide sport horse pedigrees so you can participate in breeding discussions with a learned voice. Journalists and industry professionals, including breeders, will benefit from this detailed index, too, because Judy has done the fact-checking for you and compiled it into an easy to navigate, easy to comprehend, searchable digital document.
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