Survey Results

E-book Survey results from

How easy was it/they to read and understand?
Very Easy (58.06%), Somewhat Easy (32.26%), Neither Easy nor Difficult (9.68%), Somewhat Difficult (0%), Very Difficult (0%)

Please rate the educational value of the e-book(s).
Very high educational value (54.84%), High educational value (38.71%), Some educational value (6.45%), Low educational value (0%), Very low educational value (0%)

Please rate the value received for the money spent on the e-book(s).
Excellent value (58.06%), Excellent value (38.71%), Some value (3.23%), Very little value (0%), No value (0%)

Used the information in the e-book(s) to…
Make horse purchase selections (58.06%), Understand why a horse is performing (or failing to perform) in a certain way (48.39%), Help define performance expectations for a specific horse (58.06%), Make breeding selections (41.94%), Determine in which competitive discipline a horse is most likely to do well (41.94%)

Interests in other forms of studying Functional Conformation…
Online Webinars (13.33%), Online Courses (30%), Both Webinars & Online Courses (53.33%), Neither (10%)

Additional Comments from Australia, Canada, New Zealand & United States:
• The book that I bought is amazing. I realize I’m at the beginning of reading these books, but all I can say is WOW! I have never thought about horses this way. It has opened my eyes to a new way of working with my horses and helping them work to their most comfortable best. I’m fascinated about learning more. What an amazing gift to breakdown the anatomy of the horse the way you do. Thank you for writing these books and sharing your acknowledge with the world! Rachel H. (USA)
• Thank you for changing how I look at horses.
• I really liked the book.
• Enjoyed the information. Thank you. Sarah L. (NZL)
• Thank you for taking the time to educate others, it is greatly appreciated. Makendra B. (USA)
• Your books have provided me with a new way of evaluating conformation in sport horses. Although, I have found that many people are stuck in evaluation the flesh of the animal and not the bone structure. I feel many people have a hard time looking past the beauty of some horses and do not peel the layers back to see why a horse will, or has not, performed. I’m no expert like Judy, but I’m learning! Jennifer J. (USA)
• The photos are very interesting and it is surprising that horses with imperfect conformation continue into quite mature age with soundness. Anne W. (AUS)
• Your work has forever changed the way I look at horses. Paula M. (AUS)



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  1. horseaustralia

    Great book that is clearly written with excellent visual cues. I love the fact that it does not weigh down a reader with tonnes of anatomical terminology.

    Thank you Judy for your efforts in producing this book. I have recommended it to all my friends.


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