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Recognized as an authority on pedigrees and performance for both sport and race horses, several national and international media rely on Judy Wardrope’s expertise to provide background information for coverage of competitive events and horse races.

CBC television has used her services for several years to enhance its on-air personalities’ ability to provide more in-depth commentary when covering major equestrian events, such as the Masters Tournament from Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Alberta. Her research and data are considered definitive in her field, and her attention to detail allows the announcers to give viewers behind-the-scenes peeks at the background of the horses and riders in the arena and on the podium.

The work she does for television commentators has been a regular part of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) coverage of showjumping for several years, including award-winning programs. Her connection with CBC’s directors and producers allowed her to lobby for television coverage of all the disciplines at the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games on CBC’s Country Canada network, a first for Canadian audiences and a huge success.

In 2006, Judy was a key member of the team that provided extensive media relations services for the members of the Canadian Equestrian Team participating in the FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Aachen, Germany. The goal was to enhance public awareness of equestrian sport in Canada and the participating human and equine athletes.

The media relations team researched and developed biographical outlines for the participating equestrians and their horses, wrote content for an informative WEG special section on Spruce Meadows’ website, and generated thousands of impressions through the writing and distribution of media releases about the Canadians’ efforts – from before the Opening Ceremonies until long after the last gates had closed.

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Canadian Equestrian Teams will benefit from enhanced communications program

Media Services Testimonials

“Judy’s complete knowledge and fastidious organization has allowed us at CBC TV Sports to expand into new areas of information for our telecast. Her research and data are considered definitive in her field. I am very pleased with her work ethics and contribution to our show.”

Donna Warner, Producer, CBC TV Network Sports

“Judy: By the way, I thought you might be interested to know that I’ve recommended you for next season with the new producer. Also, just to let you know, I was very fortunate; I recently won the Gemini [Award] for Sports broadcasting. I was nominated for the 2002 CN International. You share in the award. Thanks.”

Terry Leibel, Best Sports Play-by-Play or Analyst – 2002, CBC TV Network Sports

“The feedback from the shows has been tremendous and the fact that it was easy to do our job on the ground with the Canadian team was an important part in that. I especially want to mention Judy Wardrope and Ceci Flanagan-Snow. The smartest thing I did was to stake out a seat in the press room right across from them. Both were most helpful and knowledgeable when it came to answering the many questions of a reporter new to Equestrian.”

Karin Larsen, CBC Sportscaster

“Thank you for helping to promote our events and sponsors in such a professional and economical manner. It would have cost way more than our budget would allow to buy space in all those magazines. Your press releases saved us a fortune and we get calls and e-mails daily from people that read them and want to get involved with HSBR. We are truly grateful.”

Dawn Rude and Carol Louis

“We hired Judy to write press releases for the inaugural Alberta Invitational Sale in 2003, and, as this was the first sale, maximum exposure was extremely important. With Judy’s services we were able to reach our target group much more efficiently than if we had not hired her. Our buyers came from Western Canada and the United States, which made for an impressive first sale – so much so that the sale is going into its 3rd year with high expectations.”

Jennifer Stephenson, Secretary AIWS