Pedigree Research

For nearly three decades, Judy Wardrope has been amassing an extensive database of information on the pedigrees of thousands of horses in both sport and racing. Through her research, she has been able to identify the bloodlines that recur most frequently and have had the most significant impact on the best performing horses within individual breeds and disciplines.

Her pedigree articles appear in print following major competitions – the World Cup, Olympics, World Equestrian Games, Masters Tournament, Breeders’ Cups – and in the annual breeding issues.

Several equestrian publications and breed association magazines or newsletters carry regular columns penned by Judy.

She is also a founding member of

Sample Pedigree – Theodore O’Connor

Theodore O’Connor Extended Pedigree (24kb)
Theodore O’Connor Pedigree Description (20kb)
Please note: this is an example of the short form, not an extended writeup.

Sample Pedigree – Babamist

Pedigree Research Testimonials

“I quite often ask Judy Wardrope-JW Equine for information about Thoroughbred stallions (possible sire candidates) for breeding high-class jumpers. So far I have always got immediate and very professional answers which I have been very satisfied with. I can therefore strongly recommend JW Equine as a good information bureau.”

Dr Ingvar Fredricson (Professor of Veterinary Medicine), Former EO of Flyinge (Swedish National Stud), Warmblood Inspector

“Judy’s breeding recommendations provide very astute analysis of pedigrees and implications of various bloodlines, and her predictions are borne out in the quality of offspring. Her long-term recommendations for our breeding program regarding herd selection for pedigree and conformation have been advantageous. She has an excellent eye for analysis of conformation and the knowledge to apply that to performance capabilities.”

Roxy Bell, DVM – Donner Bube Syndicate Manager

“JW Equine’s articles on bloodlines and conformation have been invaluable resources to our members, especially considering that breeding is not generally a ‘hot topic’ for the average eventer. I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback and requests for follow-up articles.”

Amy J. Daum, Editor Eventing USA Magazine

“Judy’s knowledge and guidance have definitely been beneficial. My breeding program has benefited and my foals are more marketable – for what they are (type) and who they are (pedigree). Her pedigree research is part of the stallion selection process in my sporthorse program and her knowledge of conformation changed what I look for in a stallion prospect…and all horses.”

John Ruzicka – Westbank Ranch