Private Consultations

Horse buyers and breeders regularly call upon Judy’s expertise to assist them in selecting the best animals for their training, competition and breeding programs.

As a consultant, Judy has helped breeders in Canada, the United States, South Africa and Thailand select and import stallions to enhance their programs. She has also been involved with horses imported from New Zealand, the United States and Germany.

In 2006 and 2007 she was a valued member of a government advisory board in Canada that was instrumental in developing objective descriptions for sport equines. Read the letter of appreciation.



Private Consultation Testimonials

Judy was gracious enough to come by our farm and look at our gelding Southern Gentry. My daughter had been showing him 3rd level and had hopes to bring him up to Prix St George. Judy looked at him and quickly assessed him to be a horse that would shine in the Dressage ring at higher levels due to his conformation, saying he was built for power (piaffe and passage) movements. She also said that he would do better in his collection than his extensions, which is absolutely correct. Her advice to my daughter was not to ride him in a longer lower frame but to allow him to carry his head and forehand a little higher, drop his hindquarters and she would succeed in her goal of PSG and maybe be able to go higher. My daughter followed this advice. 2005 saw her competing in FEI Young Riders and Prix St George, successfully. She is planning to show him PSG and FEI Young Riders in 2006 and move up to Intermediare 1 at the end of the year, and then compete at this level in 2007. Judy, you were absolutely right about this horse.

Judy helped build my daughters confidence to train and move up to higher levels of dressage by confirming her belief that Gentry could compete and perform at these levels, by judgement of his conformation. This was proof that he was indeed built to perform what was desired of him. We appreciated that greatly as well as learning the limitations that Judy saw in his conformation. Knowing these things made building a training plan and goal setting for Gentry so much clearer.

Thank you so much for your help!

Wendy Sewell, Horse Council BC Education Secretary

“I quite often ask Judy Wardrope-JW Equine for information about Thoroughbred stallions (possible sire candidates) for breeding high-class jumpers. So far I have always got immediate and very professional answers which I have been very satisfied with. I can therefore strongly recommend JW Equine as a good information bureau.”

Dr Ingvar Fredricson (Professor of Veterinary Medicine),Former EO of Flyinge, the Swedish National Stud, Warmblood Inspector

“Judy’s breeding recommendations provide very astute analysis of pedigrees and implications of various bloodlines, and her predictions are borne out in the quality of offspring. Her long-term recommendations for our breeding program regarding herd selection for pedigree and conformation have been advantageous. She has an excellent eye for analysis of conformation and the knowledge to apply that to performance capabilities.”

Roxy Bell, DVM – Donner Bube Syndicate Manager

“Judy’s knowledge and guidance have definitely been beneficial. My breeding program has benefited and my foals are more marketable – for what they are (type) and who they are (pedigree). Her pedigree research is part of the stallion selection process in my sporthorse program and her knowledge of conformation changed what I look for in a stallion prospect…and all horses.”

John Ruzicka – Westbank Ranch

“After having spent the weekend with Judy reviewing all the horses competing in the international ring at the Spruce Meadows Masters I can definitely say I’ve come away a better horse person. Judy’s knowledge about the conformation of the horse and especially how it relates to performance in the various disciplines is fantastic. Furthermore, her ability to (patiently) explain the concepts in easy to understand terms makes the learning process fun and simple.The most exciting part was going home and re-evaluation all the horses in the barn with my new ‘eyes’.”

Jennifer Anstey, Publisher, Horse Publications Group

“Judy is a great help to me in understanding how a horse needs to be built to work efficiently and what may cause a horse to not run at the level the breeding may indicate. As a stallion owner, I am more selective – by comparing body types – in the mares I choose. It is also amazing to be able to compare pictures to race records.

As a farrier, it makes sense and I am now able to understand how a horse travels and how to improve movement.”

Ryan McLean – Owner/breeder/farrier/trainer

“I would like to express our appreciation to you, for helping to purchase a yearling thoroughbred race horse at the California sale. After viewing over 200 horses, you were able to choose a select few that had exceptional conformation, needed to run in a classic distance race. Working within our budget, we were able to purchase one of those horses.”

Carleng Blohmm

“As a ‘novice’ to the breeding world I have relied on Judy’s expertise on not just bloodlines, but performance and conformation. Judy has helped me begin to develop my eye for the true athlete you must strive for in breeding horses for sport. While barn blindness effects us all, Judy has helped me look further than just a pretty horse to significantly improve my breeding program to meet the demands of our sport. In doing this Judy has saved me many wasted years and the money of unproductive breeding.”

Jennifer Stephenson – Owner/Breeder/Pony Club instructor

“Judy Wardrope was involved in our Warmblood Horse Sale (August 2003) doing pedigree research and evaluation of conformation for the catalogue and commentating at the sale. Walking through my herd we looked at the broodmares, the stallions and young prospects. Judy pointed out amazing eye openers concerning conformation in relation to the functional purpose of the horse. There are advantages and restrictions for being a top athlete in jumping or dressage. The proportions of the body parts in relation to each other – forehand, hindquarter, the angles etc. and how they function within the movement. She emphasizes what stallion – in relation to conformation – mares should be bred to and what should be avoided. The same for the stallion and what mares he would most improve for desirable conformation qualities in a foal.

Judy has many years experience and good results in her own breeding program and in interviewing top riders at international level and observing their top horses in the show ring of all disciplines, English and Western. Her fundamental knowledge of bloodlines and conformation shows best in her conclusions.”

Heidi Matter – Pine Corner Warmbloods