Clinic & Client Testimonials

What Clinic Participants Are Saying…

“I have worked with horses all my life in one capacity or another, and before hearing your lecture I would have considered myself a “horseman”. Looking at your demonstration material I proved myself ignorant on many levels and no longer consider myself an expert, but rather someone who can learn quite a bit about equine conformation.

I have always looked at horses from the legs up, and I must admit, have gotten myself into trouble by purchasing individuals who I now know were not suited to the task I was trying to force them to perform.

After listening to you, I promptly went home and dug out pictures of these individuals, and low and behold, their conformation bears out your points in every case. How much sweat and strife could have been avoided had I been able to listen to you a decade earlier.

There is not a person in the equine industry today who could not benefit from your lecture and demonstration. If they did listen and learn, we would not be producing horses that are ill equipped to perform the duties we are breeding them for. We criticize the dog world with their “puppy mills”, breeding undesirable and often debilitating traits with little regard. But unfortunately, when we have uneducated horse owners breeding without understanding, we are no better.

I now can approach my own horse buying and breeding activities with a new and valuable understanding of what I require in a horse, and what conformational attributes will help me achieve success.

I look forward to the next time I can listen and observe your demonstrations, because I am sure that I have just touched the tip of the iceberg, and there is much more for me to learn. Thanks for everything.”

Violet M. Forbes – Lexington, KY

From Judy’s presentation at the Royal Dublin Horse Show…

Hi Judy,

I just think your theories are so important for everyone involved in Equestrianism – from the breeder, to the young horse producer, to the end user and especially for the competitive rider – that they should be more widely known about, utilised and revered! I have seen for myself over the last few months, the inevitable end that awaits horses with bad SI placement, in particular. I have had horses injected into the SI joint, used vets, chiropractors, massage therapists and therapists and all the rest in vain efforts to keep horses sound but it is only since I met you do I really understand why it is impossible for these horses to maintain competition soundness.

Your whole theory is so common sense when it’s explained and demystifies so much. It very simply identifies why horses are suited to specific disciplines and then it goes further to account for their limitations or ability to excel within the particular discipline! It’s just amazing really when you take into account all the thousands of books written on equine conformation.

Fiona Sheridan, Equestrian Development Manager
Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show

“Improving Your Eye for Functional Conformation changed the paradigm. We talk about conformation, look at plumb lines, top lines, legs, [but] Judy’s presentation suggested changing where your eye is looking, [to view] the structure of the horse and the function of the way horses are put together. She took us to a new place, where we could look from a different perspective. The impact of conformation on performance requirements for different disciplines was extremely well researched. I found it very interesting and I’m looking forward to trying it out by looking at horses in a different way. As coaches, not only do we have to have to have some knowledge of conformation, but to translate that into what students need relative to the exercises we present and why they may be having difficulties with certain ones.”

Trish Mrakawa, CBET Task Force, NCCP Level 3 Coach,
Master Course Conductor for Alberta

From the Horse Council BC Clinics…

“Whether we want to hear it or not – our horses are who and what they are based on conformation. Judy (JW Equine) spoke at our 2004 HCBC annual convention to a number of sport horse breeders and riders about identifying conformation traits that influence how the horse will perform. We were treated to a great presentation complete with photos showing desirable skeletal qualities for a number of disciplines within english, western and racing. The photos were often a surprise due to the fact that some of the featured horses were plain and nondescript. Judy would then reveal the name of the stallion to an astonished audience, as these were sires of some of the world’s top performers. Her methods of identifying characteristics such as speed, jumping ability, natural self-carriage etc. were simple to understand and relate to. There was not one person in that room that was not going to run home to really look at their horse. We all look forward to continuing our education with Judy and hopefully, the eventual goal of breeding better horses. We look forward to working with Judy and Access Institute to develop an on line course on this topic.”

Vicki Pauze, Executive Director, Horse Council B.C.

A HCBC member says, “Thank–You” – The note below was to Judy Wardrope (JW Equine) by a participant in the 2-part Functional Conformation Clinic held in June (2010) and organized by HCBC.

“Hi Judy: just wanted to thank you, and give you an update on my two horses. You looked at them after the Harmony Farms clinic in Langley last month. We have been following your advice to the letter; backing up, walk poles, walk-trot transitions, and are really beginning to see some results. Happier horses and softer backs. Thanks so much, we will keep it up. Thank you for the great clinic, learned more those two sessions, than in any other clinic I have ever taken. And can apply it to my horses, and other horses that I teach. What an eye opener! Please come and do a riding clinic in Langley soon.”

From the Sussex, New Brunswick Clinic…

“It has been five months since you delivered your clinic, ‘Improving Your Eye for Functional Conformation’, at the Princess Louise Park Show Centre in Sussex, New Brunswick.

Immediate feedback from those attending the clinic was very positive. All walked away at the end of the day with a new appreciation for evaluating horses in terms of their ability to perform to the best of their ability within specific disciplines.

Since then, many have kept in touch with me wanting to know when there’ll be another clinic. 100% want to take it again, saying that there was so much to learn, that one day wasn’t enough. And, many have said they’d definitely be bringing others with them – colleagues, students and friends.

One (EC Level II) coach said she has put what she learned into practice in selecting horses for her students. She was particularly impressed with your comments regarding the selection of ponies for children – finding ones that were built to be lighter on the forehand and therefore helping to teach the young riders to develop lighter and more sensitive hands.

Here are just a few of the remarks that came back after the clinic:

Hi Ceci! Thanks for hosting the JW clinic. It was phenomenal. Kathryn B.

Just wanted to say what a great clinic. Tell Judy thanks so much. Shelly and I both enjoyed it immensely. We came home and were picking all the horses apart while grooming them. Can’t wait to have her here, more now than ever. Lisa B.

This clinic dispelled any previously held notions in regard to conformation. Leslie M.

It was a light-bulb moment. EC Level I coach, Jennifer H.

I wish I could just follow Judy around for a year and continue to learn, learn, learn! I want her around when I go to buy my own horse. Jocelyn S.

Everyone is looking forward to your next visit to the Maritimes! Come prepared – it looks like there’ll be many more people in attendance!”

Ceci Flanagan-Snow

” I was fortunate to hear Judy speak at Rolex last year and just knew that not only did I want to hear her again, but that my dressage chapter would be intrigued by her presentation and wealth of knowledge. The seminar was a great success, with many people asking us to bring her back!”

Carol J. Smith, Secretary, Sacramento Valley Chapter, CDS

“I attended Judy’s conformation clinic in January, 2006. I would highly recommend it to anyone breeding, purchasing, or training horses. Judy presents a set of basic, clearly defined conformation points, which can be applied to any horse and any discipline in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use system. Most importantly, she teaches participants to look at the horse’s underlying bone structure rather than their muscle mass. This is the true key to judging conformation: whether you want to buy a nice horse on a budget, pick the right mating matches, or simply be kind to your horses in the demands that you place upon them, this clinic is one that should not be missed.”

Christina Weese, Editor, Sport Pony Magazine

“One of the best things I’ve ever done was take JW Equine’s Improving Your Eye course on horse conformation. The course saved me probably a decade of breeding mistakes, disappointment and needless expense.”

Gwen Justis, California

“Thank you so much for coming out to the farm to evaluate my breeding stock. The experience was both an informative and thought provoking experience for me.

“Your point by point analysis provided a solid basis of conformational information on each animal and gave me a solid foundation to proceed forward with my breeding program to achieve my desired results.

“By sharing your presentation material prior to the inspection, I had a much better foundation of knowledge. As a body of information, it is most impressive and the manner in which it is presented allows for an unbiased opinion to be formed. The format and content are wonderfully presented and are so accurate in their definitions and the assumptions that the viewer makes that there is no question of their validity.

“After seeing the presentation, and then putting the theories to work in analyzing my own stock, I am guaranteed a better result simply because I have removed the veil of ignorance.

“Again, thank you. I look forward to sending you baby pictures of the foals born based on your recommendations, and show records from the horses you evaluated as they progress in the competitions their conformation dictates.”

Dr. Armin Friedli – Beau Cheval Farm

From the Connemara (US) Newsletter, 01-06-08

INSPECTIONS: Our Inspection Program, now in its 12th year, continues apace, with more and more ponies inspected each year and the quality and type of the ponies rising each year. This year inspectors went to Virginia, Missouri, California, and Washington state. Last year, we instituted a program for Premium stallions and this year approved the first three for Premium status…

In order to help with the maintenance of the athleticism and usefulness of the Connemara, Inspectors have had several clinics with Judy Wardrope. Judy has studied the pedigrees and photographed and analyzed the conformation of top horses, in both sport and thoroughbred racing, to determine the impact of conformation on performance. She is now sharing her knowledge through a series of informative and entertaining clinics, seminars and workshops. Of these, Improving Your Eye for Functional Conformation is one of the most frequently requested. Judy has recently been to Ireland to give her Functional Conformation clinic, which was a great success, and that was the subject of a clinic in July for US inspectors as well. With the great emphasis on type in both Ireland and the US in recent years, it is feared that the ponies are losing some of their athleticism (Judy says they are going from an all-around pony to an all-round pony) so Judy’s clinic concentrated on the conformation of good athletes. The Inspectors are now trying to point out, to owners of inspected ponies, some of these conformational aspects such as location of the lumbo-sacral (LS) joint, freedom in the elbow, height of the stifle, height of the point of shoulder, and lightness of the front end.

I was born into the horse industry and have participated in many areas from breeding, to breaking, to training race horses and even rehabilitation. Plus I’ve been a farrier for 13 years. Actually I am still performing all these tasks, primarily with Thoroughbreds.

When we first met I was just starting in the breeding of horses, but through Judy my learning process has evolved. Seeing horses for their capabilities and function has been proven to me through results.

Meeting Judy was by far one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. For the last 3 years I have put tremendous confidence in Judy’s ability to help with the selection of young stock.

In 2008 I was in Kentucky at the Keeneland sale, and happen to see Judy there. Together we shopped for a weanling for me. We settled for a Bellamy Road filly that caught Judy’s eye. In 2010 Embellished, the filly I purchased for $1700, ran four times, won two stake races and was third twice. (Actually she won three but was disqualified and placed third in one race.) She is an outstanding individual and has a chance to be the champion 2-year-old filly in Alberta and we are excited about her upcoming 3-year-old campaign.

Judy also helped me pick a stud for my champion older mare. The resulting gelding ran as a 2-year-old, winning one race, and was second and third in stake races that year and will be returning as a 3-year-old.

Judy has also made me understand horses as individuals, explaining the way they act or travel and even perform. With that knowledge alone, handling, breeding, buying, training and even shoeing horses is more enjoyable and financially rewarding. Everyone should take time to educate themselves on functional conformation from Judy.

Ryan McLean, Trainer, Breeder, Owner, Farrier
Embellished, who was purchased for $1700 on Judy’s recommendation, was Champion 2-year-old Filly and Champion 3-year-old Filly in Alberta. And, she ran in the Canadian Derby before being sold to Australia as a broodmare.

“After attending the Conformation seminar given by JW Equine, I have looked at our farm horses in a new light. This systematic and disciplined approach to conformation that begins with the skeletal structure has obvious implications for performance. As a result, I have modified our farm training programs or redirected horses towards disciplines where they are more likely to succeed. This information is proving useful in selecting broodmares for our hunter-breeding program. I highly recommend this seminar for farms that are serious about their breeding and training programs. To be fair, we feel we have a secret weapon and an advantage compared to other farms. We all can describe a horse the same way, which is really helpful. Adele and I also have a lot of fun talking about the various conformation traits and what it will mean in young horses.”

Barb Beaton – Camenae Farms

“I knew very little about conformation before attending this workshop, so it was all new to me. I learned a lot about how the various parts work together. She told us nothing is absolute, but that we should look at all of the parts of the bone structure of the horse to see how they are put together and not to be blinded by the muscular development of the horse we are evaluating.”

Dana Cottreau – Candidate for Provincial Instructor Certification

“I really enjoyed your insight. I mentioned the ‘angles’ idea to a few people and I have 3 people ready for your next clinic. Just let me know the time, place and cost, and I will be there.”

Diana ‘Dee’ Feuerhelm – Riding instructor, Calgary, AB

“I’ve been around horses for years and I had a light bulb moment. I’ll never look at horses the same way again. I went home and applied much of it and I will sign up for the next one.”

Kippy Maitland-Smith (hosted a clinic in 2005)
Riding instructor/4H coordinator, Rocky Mountain House, AB

From the Pomona Equine Affaire…

“Another huge draw was functional conformation writer and specialist, Judy Wardrope. Her seminar on day three of the event was perhaps the most highly attended. ‘I ran out of flyers and I’d printed 110,’ Ms. Wardrope said. With an upcoming book planned as well as attendee comments like, ‘I’ve been coming to Equine Affaire for nine years, and this was the best presentation I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe we were in there for two hours; it didn’t even feel like one,’ Ms. Wardrope is in high demand.

“I had the great luck to spend some time with her the day before her lecture and experience her expertise close up as she’d stop and point out the skeletal structure on any horse that was standing still. On each of the occasions this happened, a small crowd developed as passersby would join in the discussion, eager to understand how a horse is built to do one kind of a job or another. The Pomona Equine Affaire Program Director Betsy Battista explained, ‘We were very happy to have Judy Wardrope because it is important to get the information she offers into the hands of horse owners. Her talk was easy to understand and very informative.’ Apparently the 180-plus audience agreed.”

Coverage of Equine Affaire in the March 2006 issue of Ride! Magazine.

“Judy was in BC on a cold winter day and was gracious enough to come by our farm and look at our gelding Southern Gentry. My daughter had been showing him 3rd level and had hopes to bring him up to Prix St George. Judy looked at him and quickly assessed him to be a horse that would shine in the Dressage ring at higher levels due to his conformation, saying he was built for power (piaffe and passage) movements. She also said that he would do better in his collection than his extensions, which is absolutely correct. Her advice to my daughter was not to ride him in a longer lower frame but to allow him to carry his head and forehand a little higher, drop his hindquarters and she would succeed in her goal of PSG and maybe be able to go higher. My daughter followed this advice. 2005 saw her competing in FEI Young Riders and Prix St George successfully. She is planning to show him PSG and FEI Young Riders in 2006 and move up to Intermediare I at the end of the year, and then compete at this level in 2007. Judy, you were absolutely right about this horse.

“Judy helped build my daughter’s confidence to train and move up to higher levels of dressage by confirming her belief that Gentry could compete and perform at these levels, by judgement of his conformation. This was proof that he was indeed built to perform what was desired of him. We appreciated that greatly as well as learning the limitations that Judy saw in his conformation. Knowing these things made building a training plan and goal setting for Gentry so much clearer.

Thank you so much for your help!”

Wendy Sewell, Horse Council BC Education Secretary

From Ohio’s Equine Affaire…

“I saw your conformation seminar in Ohio at Equine Affaire. I found yours the most interesting and informative and I have been looking at horses with a different eye since then. I once remember someone telling me a particular horse (jumper) was selling for $75,000 and I looked at it with the info from previous books about “proper conformation” and couldn’t see it, but after your seminar it makes sense. I too was of the opinion that all these great horses were not ideal conformation, so why were they so good at their job?

You have done a great deal of work and we will all benefit from it. It was a pleasure to meet and see you. Thank you.”

Walter Alzner

“The symposium was much more than I expected it to be. It addressed things more comprehensively than I had anticipated, though each topic really deserved a seminar devoted to it alone.

I think you did a wonderful job introducing specific ideas to people, but also I am sure that you were barely able to brush [the] surface of what you could have discussed given a day or two to speak. Your topic is huge, your time slot too limited! I suppose it is a good sign that I was left wanting more….

I am a beginning breeder, but would like to breed intelligently and with discretion. We don’t need more horses in this country, but we do need horses designed to do their job effectively and soundly. I was very glad to hear the words ‘temperament’ and ‘soundness repeatedly.’ Thank you.”

Holly Hoffman, Ohio

“I took your ‘Improving Your Eye for Functional Conformation’ course on Saturday…(as part of Continuing Education at Olds College).

I have a BSc. with a major in zoology, so I have some understanding of functional anatomy, but your course was the first time I have seen these basic principles applied to horses. (I CAN”T BELIEVE I’ve never thought of/seen it before – it makes absolute, perfect sense!!!) I’m eager to learn more, so I’d be thrilled to discuss any potential opportunities with you…I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the next course and eventually your new book! Thanks again for offering this course – it was excellent!”

Pam Vust

“Judy’s clinic on Improving Your Eye for Functional Conformation garnered a good response and good feedback. It provided a different way of looking at horses, and we could see the advantage for selecting mares and foals. It makes you look beyond the exterior of a horse; you are looking at the bones, not the color or the flesh. We can see where you can go to sales and find a diamond in the rough. Instead of looking at a three dressed up as a nine, you can look for the nine dressed up as a three. People got a lot of information out of it, and the hands-on part was particularly informative. The clinic is almost like an instructional manual.”

Grant Watson – Owner/breeder – Director, Manitoba CTHS

“Our goal is to promote Thoroughbreds and educate the public. With Judy’s Functional Conformation seminar, we did both. The way it was done in three phases was great – a presentation, an explanation on live horses and then a hands-on session. We have a better understanding of why some horses won’t or can’t do some things, and we can pick animals that are more suited. It is another weapon in the arsenal – a tool. The way I was choosing horses was explained, and I look at different things now. Trainers adopted the exercises Judy suggested based on conformation, and a lot of people said they wished they had gone. We have talked about having her back, possibly next year.

Ever since I realized there was a link between conformation and performance, I’ve been trying to perfect my ‘horseman’s eye.’ Now, thanks to Judy’s approach, I have a way to quantify such vague terms as ‘balance’, ‘substance’ and ‘depth’ so that I can select the horses that are more likely to be winners. I’m looking forward to going to the sales to apply what I know.”

Dr. B. Hughes, DVM – Owner/breeder -Director, Manitoba CTHS

“Just prior to the Alberta Yearling Sale and during the sale, I had the privilege to be taken to Functional Conformation school by Judy Wardrope. She attempted to teach me functional conformation through visits to individual yearling stalls. I was a slow learner, despite the fact that I have been given conformation lessons by some of the best in the business. Judy uses the term ‘functional conformation’ to describe how the parts fit together.

I was a skeptic as to Judy’s expertise until I witnessed first hand what she did with her knowledge of functional conformation. For example, I asked her to look at a yearling that was the product of a mating I had nothing to do with. The yearling was nice enough, but in giving me a functional conformation lesson on the yearling, Judy described exactly the problem with her older sister as described a few days earlier by the older sister’s trainer. Uncanny! Maybe the sister is not built the same as the yearling for I only saw her once before Judy’s lessons to me, but from my lessons I’m sold the sisters are comparable with regard to the problem. I was also pleased to emerge from the sale personally much better off as Judy’s lessons made me think and improve my skills.”

George William Smith – Responsible for matings resulting in Eclipse Champions – The Matchmaker (from his newsletter)

“I thought I would give you an update on what has happened to me since our session the day after the Breeders’ Cup at Lonestar. I have cashed several large tickets in races I previously would not have played – first time starters, horses going long for the first time, runners going to a distance they appear to be better suited to than where they have been etc. — that is not to say that many win but enough of them manage to run in the money to have me cashing tri’s I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I spent the winter up north and was very frustrated by the pre-race coverage on TV during the renovation year at Gulfstream – however with a judicious use of freeze frames I did manage to uncover several interesting opportunities – it was much better when I was at Keeneland in April in the paddock nearly every race. I have continued to do well betting races at tracks that do a good job covering their walking ring and post parades. I have begun to play turf races looking for horses that are long boned up front as well as route built in the rear- I have always done very well in turf races playing off the pace runners and this new approach has allowed me to add to my bets horses that have no other credentials than how their anatomy looks to me. With Thanks”

Peter Mallett, Professional Horse Player and author of Crushing the Cup

“JW Equine – Exceptional ability to use a horse’s conformation to predict aptitude, ability, and potential soundness issues.”

“Having first discussed conformation as it relates to function with Judy during the 2001 Thoroughbred Pedigree Conference in Lexington, KY, I had the opportunity to watch her in action during my visit to Cape Town, South Africa, to speak at the International Thoroughbred Breeders Seminar.

“With Judy on hand to cover the proceedings, she toured the stallion farms along with the speakers and was asked to critique the stallions. With no background on them, she volunteered each horse’s optimum racing distances and had her opinions confirmed. Visiting a field of yearling colts, she correctly picked out the colt by stallion Taras Halls and also pointed out one colt, who she said ‘would not do well as a racehorse as he was built to break down.’

“I consider Judy’s expertise in evaluating both breeding stock and potential racehorses invaluable as a tool for horse selection. Find out when Judy is giving one of her Functional Conformation Seminars or organize one yourself or have her come do personal evaluations of your horses.

“Other list members can attest to Judy’s ability to look at any horse and tell you the horse’s suitability for the purpose intended, favored distance and surface, and what soundness issues they’ll have. (This is true for racing as well as other disciplines.)
How do I know she can do this? Because I’ve seen and heard of her providing these insights on horses that are already retired with no visible injuries. The owners could verify that all she said had already happened and was true. Visible conformation bestows limitations and capabilities on any individual horse and she has the ability to point them out. Have Judy evaluate their conformation and see if she sees any greatness among them.”

Rose Sylvia – Owner/Breeder/Pedigree Consultant

“JW Equine’s articles on bloodlines and conformation have been invaluable resources to our members, especially considering that breeding is not generally a ‘hot topic’ for the average eventer. I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback and requests for follow-up articles.”

Amy J. Daum, Editor, Eventing USA Magazine

“Sport Pony Canada held a conformation clinic by noted equestrian consultant Judy Wardrope. This excellent clinic was an eye-opener to all involved. Ms. Wardrope showed participants how to effectively evaluate the bone structure of a horse for top competition, using a system that is easy to remember and produces results.”


From the Olds College Equestrian program…

“It was a refreshing approach to how you would evaluate a performance horse. Now we are able to look at more of a functional approach for each specific discipline. Judy’s presentation took participants beyond their comfort zone and normal way of thinking. This is what we need in any business – to be challenged to consider things from new perspectives.

“Most coaches know the basic conformation, and they are often required to buy or advise on buying horses for their clients, but it’s impossible to make effective evaluations without the functional components.

“I would highly recommend this workshop to all coaches or to any horsewoman or horseman. It’s a positive step for the industry in every facet. Whether it be trainers, coaches, breeders of any breed, first-time buyers or long-time horse people, they should come and listen to what Judy has to say. She can take a concept and, first challenge you and your way of thinking, and secondly, take that concept and put it in layman’s terms and make it easy to understand. She’s very good at answering questions and seeking a common understanding with the audience. She’s not satisfied until she’s sure that the person asking the question understands the concept.

“Judy’s experience in breeding winning performance horses combined with her wealth of knowledge about bloodlines and sport horses (were) valuable in presenting a thought provoking speech. (She) has a way of assisting people to understand the concepts of function as it relates to conformation in horses.”

Cathy Chalack, English Coaching Coordinator,
Alberta English Horsemanship Instructor, Olds College

“I am writing to tell you that the ‘Functional Conformation’ article in the May 2004 issue was excellent! I would love to see small articles on different areas of conformation, like this one, featured on a monthly basis. I found Judy Wardrope’s information easy to digest, and the ‘Test Your Eye’ segment was a great way to practice. Keep those coming!”

Jen Everett of Fredericton, NB
as printed in the Letters to the Editor section of Horse Sport (July, 2004)

“We just received our Canadian Thoroughbred magazine, were I read your article on conformation. I NEED MORE! Please let me know if you are coming to B.C., as I would be the first to sign up!”
Cathy –

“Just wanted to let you know how much my daughter and I enjoyed your presentation today. Your presentation was great and so informative. I was so busy listening that I didn’t take many notes. As an instructor myself, I know that’s a good thing, because you captivated your student’s attention.”

Diane Bloom

“I studied a bit about functional confirmation with Judy Wardrope (, and wow, was she an eye opener!”

From Internet bulletin board

“My husband and I attended your seminar at the recent Equine Affair in Pomona, CA, and enjoyed it greatly. Thank you.”

Yvonne Davis

“…another thing that I would like to add is about Judy Wardrope who spoke on the conformation that helps make a good Event horse. She spoke on angles and pedigrees and showed slides of what she was talking about. This was the very most interesting part of the symposium for me. Several of us followed her outside to ask questions afterward and it still wasn’t enough time! Really enjoyed her. She is on the right track.”

Chronicle of the Horse Discussion Forum by Mary Sparks, Florida

The September/October 2010 issue of Warmbloods Today includes the regular conformation column by Judy Wardrope. Ms. Wardrope has taken a high level horse in each column and discussed the points of its conformation that allow it to exceed at whatever sport he/she competes. The focus of this issue’s column is the 20 year old Selle Francais stallion Cabri d’Elle. He has jumped in “33 nation cups, two European championships and one World Cup Final, and is still competing in the 1.60-meter division at the age of 20”. She discusses the parts of his construction that enable his ability and longevity. I find her insights enlightening to say the least and hope that I can retain at least some of what she has to offer her readers!

Posted by Fox Hollow Sport Horses

Dear Ms. Wardrope,

I am writing you simply to let you know that several of my students have read and given positive feedback on several of your Functional Conformation articles. Your articles are provided as supplemental links in my online class Equine Conformation and Performance Evaluation. While they are not part of the required content, the web links are provided for students seeking additional or sport-specific information. The students find the discussion of what to look for and the comparison of horse conformation in your articles helpful in understanding form to function.

I like your articles because the writing is clear, the pictures excellent, and the information provided therein reinforces what the students are learning in class. You have an excellent website, and I do hope I have the opportunity to attend one of your clinics in the future. Thank you for making your writing available to us.

Kind regards,

Kelly Jimmerson, M.S., Adjunct Instructor
Oregon State University, Department of Animal Sciences, Extended Campus

From the Fairfax Times – Friday August 25, 2006

And attendees universally praised Canadian Judy Wardrope’s workshop and demonstration of functional conformation, describing it as “the one that everyone should see.”

From a client

I have learned a great deal from you and your books, and I am no longer navigating the stormy waters of horse purchasing without an excellent compass! Thank you so much for your practical physics and math based approach to functional conformation. Knowledge is power!

Barb Belknap

 Comment on site

I find your conformation analysis to be highly practical and valuable for making decisions on choosing breeding stock and sport prospects. Thank you for a great educational service!

Nancy Roth, DVM