Judy Wardrope has been a professional equine journalist for nearly two decades. Writing under her own name and under the pen name JW Equine, her articles appear regularly in equine publications around the globe.

She has traveled extensively to cover prestigious equine events throughout North America, Europe, Dubai and South Africa. She has interviewed officials, top riders, breeders, trainers and owners in several disciplines plus Thoroughbred racing. Her knack for asking insightful questions and attention to detail add both depth and color to her popular articles and regular columns.

Her work is also in demand by breeders. She is frequently called upon to craft sales copy for their advertising campaigns in brochures, magazines, auction catalogues and on the web. She brings a unique perspective to her description of each horse helping potential buyers better understand the attributes each has to offer.

Judy is a member of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists, a previous member of the National Turf Writers Association and was nominated for the 2006 Equine Vision Award through American Horse Publications.

At the same time she has expanded her writing and editing assignments to include sales copy, promotional materials, books and non-equine pursuits. Her editing skills have benefited clients in a broad range of industries.

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Letters of Reference

“Judy Wardrope has written for Horse Publications Group since 1993 and has provided several articles per year since for many of our titles. Assignments have been varied and include scientific research, opinion pieces as well as event coverage. Her articles always consider the reader and her tone adjusts accordingly as each of our magazines targets a different audience with varying interests.

Articles always arrive on or before the assigned deadline, within the assigned word count and usually require no editing on our part. Articles are well written in language that is both easy to understand without being overly simplistic. I feel that Judy’s analytical abilities would translate easily into a field outside of the equestrian industry since good research is the key to any good journalist.”

Jennifer Anstey, Publisher

“Judy Wardrope has been a freelance writer for Ride! Magazine and Western Times for several years. During my role as Editor for both of these monthly magazines, my experience in working with Ms. Wardrope has been a great pleasure. Ms. Wardrope has always provided her work on or before the agreed-upon deadline. Her feature writing has been accurate, combining technical information and an irreverent style enjoyed by our diverse readership. Her monthly column, Mane Mare, showcases Ms. Wardrope’s unique humor, as she channel’s the horse’s point of view for advice for horses from a horse.
Ms. Wardrope has traveled extensively to report back for us with her signature style on events as far away as The United Arab Emirates and South Africa. She has gone out of her way to keep a keen eye on the ‘big picture’ at any event, often capturing important details that go unnoticed by other reporters. I would recommend Judy Wardrope for any writing/reporting assignment in any field without reservation. She has proven herself a rare combination of being a joy to work with as well as a joy to read.”

Diana A. Bishop, Editor Ride Publishing Group

“Ms. Wardrope has been a contributing writer for Equestrian magazine for the past [7 years], and during that time, I have found both her knowledge of the equine industry, with particular respect toward breeding, to be exemplary. On many occasions, as an editor, I have turned to Ms. Wardrope to lend her talents in several areas. The results have always proven themselves to be exceptional.

Over the years, Ms. Wardrope has written feature-length articles on a wide array of topics, as well as contributions in the form of column-length articles and international level competition reports. I have always found her work to be completed on deadline, accurately edited, and thought-provoking.

I would recommend Ms. Wardrope’s skills to any publication seeking a professional and mindful journalist.”

Brian Sosby, Editor Equestrian Magazine (USEF)

“Judy Wardrope has worked for my company as a freelance writer since 2001. Her duties include researching and writing feature articles on various horse-related topics, as well as horse industry news reports and coverage of major events, for our regional and national horse magazines.

Judy has extensive expertise in the areas of equine conformation and pedigrees and her articles reflect her depth of knowledge of horses and the horse industry in general. Her writing style is adaptable to subject and market.

She is adept at handling changing priorities, short time-lines, and busy deadlines, and her assignments are always submitted on time (something every editor appreciates). She has the ability to take responsibility and accountability for assignments.

I would heartily recommend Judy Wardrope for any writing assignment or position she feels confident to undertake.”

Kathy Smith, Editor and Publisher of Horse Journals

“Judy Wardrope has been a contract writer for GaitPost for the past 4 years. It is my pleasure to recommend her work wholeheartedly. She has been prompt and accurate with all submissions and editing is seldom if ever necessary. I have sent her on assignments quite diverse in nature, and she approaches every subject with thoughtful enthusiasm. GaitPost has derived great benefit from her insight and I am confident she would prove an asset to any and all media services.”

Kathy Watson, Editor

Writing Testimonials

“My first reaction was ‘this is great – I hadn’t thought of that.’ Your copy writing and editorial assistance with our publicity material was invaluable – you certainly know what the reader is looking for.” Jan Mansfield of Janus Communications Inc.

“Once again, thank you for using your well developed critical eye and attention to detail in assisting me to improve upon and enhance my developing web site. As usual, your observations and suggestions were on the mark!” Ceci Flanagan-Snow, President of Eclipse Communications

“I highly recommend her, she is a professional writer and her results are astounding. Just another one of those hidden treasures right here in Wetaskiwin!” Clinton Boyda, B.Sc., Founding Partner of Extreme Solutions

“Judy is very thorough with her research and knowledgeable regarding product and buyers. Her ads reflect herself, and I like how she puts things.” Jane Jones of Newhouse Farm

“Judy designed a marketing campaign for my stallion that has been extremely successful in the sport market. She knows the audience and the publications, she has her facts in order, and she knows how to put it all together for optimum positioning. Dynamite!” Gwen Justis, California

“The wording of Judy’s ads made the horses sound so good that I was keen to buy my own horses back! Her comprehensive research was distilled to attention-getting ads that got results.” Dr. Roxy Bell DVM

“Judy and I collaborated on developing and producing a monthly Health & Safety newsletter at Canada Safeway. I came to rely on her keen insight and objectivity to ensure product integrity. Her unique perspective combined with superb writing and editing skills greatly contributed to the overall success of the project.” Ralph Niederlag, Health & Safety Rep and Assistant Manager, Canada Safeway

“Thank you for helping to promote our events and sponsors in such a professional and economical manner. It would have cost way more than our budget would allow to buy space in all those magazines. Your press releases saved us a fortune and we get calls and e-mails daily from people that read them and want to get involved with HSBR. We are truly grateful.” Dawn Rude and Carol Louis

“We hired Judy to write press releases for the inaugural Alberta Invitational Sale in 2003, and, as this was the first sale, maximum exposure was extremely important. With Judy’s services we were able to reach our target group much more efficiently than if we had not hired her. Our buyers came from Western Canada and the United States, which made for an impressive first sale – so much so that the sale is going into its 3rd year with high expectations.” Jennifer Stephenson, Secretary of AIWS