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I’m not exactly sure what possessed me to do it other than I could. I write (articles, ads, website text, e-books, etc.), I build websites, I give clinics and I consult (in person and online). None of which requires me to be at home. In fact, much of it requires me to be away from home.

I have often written articles from hotel rooms. Las Vegas, Normandy, Paris, Aachen and Hong Kong come to mind. I also go away to write my e-books to avoid distractions. Have laptop will travel, right? So why stay at home through another Canadian winter? In fact, why have a stationary home at all?

As George Carlin posed it: Why was I working to provide housing for my stuff, and why was I continuing to acquire stuff to fill the house?

When you haven’t spent any time in your own living room for three years, except to do the housework and water the plants, why do you need a house with a living room?

I can write from almost anywhere and basically only need a connection to send and receive. If I am mobile, I can visit more clients at their farms, I can cover a wider variety of shows or competitions and I can add to my photo collection for clinics and e-books. Marvelous!

So, I sold my car, bought a ¾ ton and a fifth wheel travel trailer (mobile office with living quarters) and will be taking this show on the road. I haven’t sold the house yet because it isn’t exactly the best time of year to do that, and I am undecided about renting it for the winter. Either way, I will be leaving the north in a month or so for warmer climes.

And strange as it may sound, I am finding the process of downsizing quite liberating. I thought I would have trouble parting with many of my acquisitions, but, no. Bags of clothing, shoes, accessories and linens have already found their way to charities. Some of the bigger pieces will be advertised for sale starting next week. Anyone need bookcases, desks, tables, chairs, living room furniture, plants?

I have one friend who has spoken for all the novels, and his Jeep will be over tonnage on his trip home. One client is taking nearly all the Thoroughbred studbooks I have amassed over the decades. Another is getting a couple of the older ones.

Which leads me to you, my dear readers…

I will still have numerous educational/reference books of the equine variety to sell. Breeding and history books from several warmblood studbooks (Hanoverian studbooks, many of the European registries, Selle Francais, Irish Sport Horse, etc.) and produce records from the Selle Francais and Anglo-Arab registries. I have vet books, conformation books, training books and even some VCR tapes (oldies, but classics). There are enough of them to fill several boxes since they fill several bookcases here. I hope to sell them all as one unit. I have no desire to sell them singly or a few at a time. And I do not relish the thought of shipping them either. I might, and I say MIGHT, be willing to deliver them if the location is on my immediate route, but weight is going to be a factor. It will also be a factor for commercial shipping and related costs for the buyer(s). Maybe a few of you could form a co-operative and buy the lot and divvy them up or sell them in a fund raiser? Maybe start a library for your horse club?

However, I do not have a list of titles at this time, but will post it when done.

And then I have a collection of caps (baseball-type) from World Cup Finals, Olympics, Breeders’ Cups, Rolex, Spruce Meadows, Pan Ams, horse expos, seminars and so on. I will sell them as a package too…I hope.

Anyone interested in any of it? If so, please contact me.

Oh, and if you want me to come to your area for horsey things or a visit, let me know and my travels may just take me to your neighborhood.

Yours truly,

Ms Ad Venture

(formerly, and sometimes still, known as Judy)

5 thoughts on “Ms Ad Venture

  1. Shannon

    You’re welcome to come to northern Maryland/south central Pennsylvania :)
    Best wishes on your new endeavor!
    Chambersburg, PA

    1. admin Post author

      One never knows. I may be in that area at some point…especially if there was sufficient interest from clients or if I was going to do a clinic or two.


  2. marjorie phillips

    Good luck in this big step you are bravely taking. I think you have horses do you not? If so what have you decided to do with them. Will you ever be back this way or just to do clinics. I sure hope to be able to take another confirmation clinic with you.

    1. admin Post author

      I could be almost anywhere south in the winter and north in the summer :)

      Sold my share in the stallion to Cathy (partner on him) and gave away or sold the rest of them, so, no, I no longer have horses.

      As to clinics…the best way to ensure there is one in your area is to organize one!



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